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David Roberts--article peer reviews

My proposal for a Climate Hawk Badge

Below is a list of links to articles (newest at top) that peer review some of Roberts' articles. Although deeply, deeply, concerned about climate change, he has never, in his decade long blogging career, written a positive article about nuclear energy:
"Nuclear is the "least worst" option that everyone holds their nose to support. It feels wrong, because it is wrong, and a culture that remembered back when it used to have some fucking balls and ambition would throw itself behind what it knows is right ... . What we’re talking about is creating another huge, centralized, politically connected energy cartel forever seeking to increase its take from the public teat. We need more of those?"
Food for thought when you read anything he writes about energy issues (which as a philosophy major, he is wholly unqualified to write about):

David Roberts--Solar saving lives while intense battles rage across the country as batteries neuter attempts by utilities to attack it!

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