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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I apologize

This post has nothing to do with environmental or conservation issues. I just wanted to share. The last sentence spoken in this video is priceless.

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  1. Mark Steyn or someone made a video try at being waterboarded and called it off it 15 seconds. I`m sure it would take an hour to get Cheney`s confessio to the Sharon Tate murders - no more than a minute would do.

    Russ, here in Tokyo I see little of this nonsense - even though railing against neocons and the state-loving right has gotten me booted from Redstate, Freepers and Newswbusters. I want to thank you for putting this up; I had never heard Ventura speak and hadn`t heard of idiot talking bimbo Hasselbeck at all. But now I want to take a shower.

    Thanks for the comments and links at my blog, BTW; I put up a follow-up post re: NatGeo.


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