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Saturday, January 23, 2010

American Democracy Corporatocracy


Efforts to save the planet will resume after this commercial break.

Ever wonder why you can step across the Mexican border and instantly move from one of the richest countries on Earth to one of the poorest? It's all about governance. Mexico's government is hobbled by the corrupting influence of wealthy individuals. Politicians trapped in that system have no choice but to participate because everyone else does. In a sense, you can't really blame well-meaning American politicians for participating in our own corrupt system because if they don't, they may not get reelected.

Eisenhower tried to warn us about the military industrial complex. Power begets power and has an almost overwhelming tendency to accumulate into the hands of fewer and fewer people. America's success story is entirely based on the existence of wealth redistribution into a thriving middle class, which has been retreating for decades now. Without government fulfilling its role to prevent the accumulation of wealth into a few hands, forms of slavery will arise again, as has been the case for all of human history.

Environmental concerns have and always will take a distant back seat to the profit motive. Obama clearly sees the problem. Who sees the solution?


  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

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  2. amazingdrx1:05 AM

    It's corporate kleptocracy bio-d. Maybe this will wake people up to it, now that citgo's Chavez can buy political ads through this american corporation?!? Hehehey.

    Justice Stevens noted that this opened american politics to foreign money, but Murdoch (oh yeah, he;s an american now, I forgot) has had that covered for a few years with foxnews, number one in cable news!!

    When Obama pointed out that same problem, foreign influence, Scraborough and foxnews accused him of high crimes and insults. They forget about Chavez? The guy they rant about?

    Oh and how about Google? Mightent they buy ads for candiates that support solar and wind and smart grid, all their favorite projects? That would have to worry the corpor-right.


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