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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Don't Need No Stinking Pickup Truck

The F-150 is the best selling "car" in America.

I recently drove my beloved 89 Cherokee to the junkyard. It was time... But instead of getting another Cherokee, I bought a Leaf. Before buying the leaf, I put a tow hitch on my Yaris to see how it would handle my trailer. No problem for short around town trips that don't require freeway driving.

This certainly is not a rig you would want if you made a living in the construction industry, but for the occasional trip to Home Depot for plywood or gypsum board (you can lay as many sheets as you desire on top between those upright 2 x 4 posts), or to haul home an appliance, or for the occasional trip to the dump (has extension sides for larger volume), this trailer is more than adequate.

The trailer will also hold more stuff (by volume) than the truck. It is limited to about half of a ton by weight, although you really would not want to tow that much with a Yaris because it could not safely stop a load that heavy.

The F-150 holds two people (three with bench seat option). The Yaris holds five.

The trailer can be folded in half, tipped up on its roller wheels and stored in the corner of a garage, oh and costs about $200.

Very few people who own an F-150, need one--all hat, no cattle.

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